Luc Desaunettes

Luc Desaunettes-Barbero is a Researcher at UCLouvain where he joined the multidisciplinary research project on Platform Regulation and Operations in the Sharing Economy (« PROSEco »). Before joining UClouvain, Luc prepared his PhD on the legal protection of trade secrets at the Max-Planck-Institute in Munich and the CEIPI in Strasbourg. His PhD proposes a comparative analysis of the US and UE legal systems and puts forwards a normative investigation of the justifications for trade secret legal protection. During his research, Luc prepared many different publications and participated in several hearings to inform the German and French lawmakers during the European Trade Secrets Directive transposition process. Luc also contributed to several scientific publications concerning the data-driven economy, artificial intelligence and the TRIPS agreements and he is also the co-authors of two manuals on competition law. He has been involved in several teaching activities and has already delivered courses for several universities, including LMU Munich, the University of Strasbourg, and UCLouvain.