Anne-Lise Sibony

Anne-Lise Sibony has been teaching European law at UCLouvain since 2015. Her areas of expertise are the European internal market law, competition law and consumer law. Her research has always been interdisciplinary, from her thesis on the Courts and economic reasoning, in which she examined how competition case law integrates economic reasoning, to her current work on behavioural science and its interplay with the law. Anne-Lise began her academic career after studying law and economics in Paris (where she comes from). She studied at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) and obtained a Master on Regulation from the London School of Economics. With Alberto Alemanno, she co-directed the first book that analyzes the contributions of behavioral sciences to European law (Nudge and the Law: A European Perspective, Hart, 2015). She publishes regularly contributions on internal market and consumer law. Anne-Lise is also a visiting professor at KULeuven where she teaches the course "Behavioral Sciences and the Law".